Date Your Wife, Flirt With Your Husband

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Date Your Wife, Flirt With Your Husband

In Islam couples who are married have immense rights over each other. They are meant to live and “and harmony” as prescribed by Allah not just for the first few days or the first several months of their marriage but for their entire lives together. Most married couples lose interest in each other as the years pass by and as their family extends with them getting more and more busy and responsibilities piling up. However, Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) has asked us to keep the love and spark in our marriages alive forever.

This means that couples should, even after years of marriage behave with each other with love and respect. Nowadays the concept of non-halal dating has arisen where couples who are not married according to the commandments of Islam “date” each other. They go out with each other, hold hands and indulge in all sorts of haraam. But the beauty of Muslim marriage is such that all this can be done whilst being married.

Allah has not stopped us from dating. By all means Muslim couples are allowed to “date” but do so after marriage. Do not think that dating is something that can be done before marriage. Indeed, any sort of contact between and man and a woman without a mehram present is not allowed. Dating CAN and should be done after marriage. And not just in the first few days rather for the entire duration of the married life.  So Muslim husbands, never stop dating your wives! Love them, cuddle them, hold their hands, tell them you love them and make them laugh. Indeed all the above are sunnahs of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

In the same way married Muslim women are completely allowed to flirt with their husbands. It is halal and very much encouraged within the boundaries of normal societal norms. Married Muslim women should dress up for their husbands, wear a nice perfume for them, talk to them calmly and sweetly and maybe even flirt a little. They should be quick to forgive, willing to share their days excitements, be a source of encouragement and all the while trusting and prying to Allah to make their marriage work forever.

Many marriages would be more successful if the husband and the wife knew they were on the same side. When they are on the same side that means that the only thing against them is the ‘shaitaan’ who would like nothing more than to make their marriage fail. Defeat the shaitaan and continue to date your wives and flirt with your husbands.

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