Marriage – A Two Way Affair

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Marriage – A Two Way Affair

We’ve all heard the ayah of the Quran describing the relationship of the Muslim married couple which is:

“They (your wives) are your garment and you are a garment for them” (Noble Quran 2:187)

So what exactly does this ayah mean? Sure it means that the Muslim married couple are to love each other, protect each other and cover each other like garments hiding each other’s flaws. But what this ayah also means is that marriage is a TWO-WAY affair. Now what does that mean? That means that when a husband and wife enjoin in the very sacred relationship of marriage, there are responsibilities from both sides, love from both sides, respect desired from both sides and finally compromise and patience required from both sides.  Allah has asked BOTH the husband and the wife to work on their marriage equally for it to work.

Marriage in Islam is a two-way street. Allah has enjoined that both the husband and the life live in love and harmony together and fulfill each other’s responsibilities towards them. EACH spouse in the relationship is required to give a 100 percent in the thriving of their marriage. This concept of your spouse being your “better half” has in a way corrupted the thinking of married couples as they have started to believe that only HALF their responsibilities are required from their side to make their marriage work. Hence they only work for 50 % of the marriage, expecting the other spouse to take care of the rest of the 50 %. This formula more often than not NEVER works.

Marriage cannot be made successful if one of the spouses only works partially towards it. It will only work when there is a sense of responsibility and efforts of a 100 % from both sides. Muslim Marriage is a partnership; this means there should be fulfillment for both the parties involved. Consistently being the spouse who “is always right” or who always gets his/her way or statements like “I’m always the first one to apologize, no matter what” will take your marriage to destruction and that is why in Islam such a relationship between husband and wife is strongly condemned.

When we say marriage is to be a two-way street it means that there should be patience from each side, there should be apologies from both sides even if it was not their fault, there should be compromise; there should be trust from both sides.  If this rule of thumb was accepted as it was given by Allah the rate of divorces and separations would be nil in the world and shaitaan would be completely unsuccessful in destroying marriages like he loves to. So work on giving your marriage the 100 percent that it deserves and see it blossoming in this world IA.

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