Make your spouse SMILE!

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Make your spouse SMILE!

Smiling is the most beautiful of expressions, one that gives the person at the receiving end nothing in material gain, but gives them abundantly in emotional gain. For the smile is the only expression that reaches the heart of the receiver. For this reason, smiling is encouraged in Islam. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said “Your smile for your brother is charity.”  And When When you smile to your brother’s face, it is charity”. Although the term brother is used here, it generally means the entire ummah. The Holy Prophet used to smile a lot during his entire lifetime, so much so that Abd Allah b. al-Hârith had once said, said: “I have never seen anyone more in the habit of smiling than Allah’s Messenger.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhî (3574)].

Husband and Wife in Islam have a relationship of love, harmony, peace, trust and understanding. All this is possible only when they both communicate with each other, verbally and non verbally. Non verbal forms of communication include a smile. Spouses are encouraged to smile at each other during the course of the say that they spend time together for this not strengthens their relationship and gives them a sense of belonging towards each other. It is reported that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) not only regularly smiled at his wives, joked with them, but also hugged them before leaving the house for Salah and kissed them even though he would be fasting

When the husband looks up and smiles at his wife after taking the first bite of the biryani that she made, it makes the wife forget all the tiredness she had to suffer because of the house chores the whole day. It makes her feel worthwhile and loved! In the same way when the wife looks up and smiles at her husband as soon as he enters his house after a hard day at work, his stress automatically evaporates. He sees in his wife’s eyes the love and understanding palpable and it was no words, but just a smile that did the trick!

You see what magic smiles can bring? A single smile has the power to diffuse arguments between married couples and relieve stress of work and finance. A single smile from your spouse can make you feel so appreciated, you’d never believe you were ever mad at them! So smile at your spouses. It’s Sadqah. It’s Sunnah. It’s beautiful!


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  2. Grеat article! This iѕ very helpful information that every Muslim should read.


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