Make your Marriage Joyful!

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Make your Marriage Joyful!

A happy marriage is a joyful marriage! What does that mean? That means that along with the love, peace, compromise and tranquility that Allah has asked us to show in marriage, there is also the attribute of laughter and smiles that are important to make a Muslim marriage work. Be joyful! Be happy and laugh and smile with your spouse, that is what contributes greatly to marriage.

So how do we get joy, laughter and smiles in marriage? The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said there are 4 things that make a person joyful, “A righteous wife, a spacious house, a pious neighbor and a comfortable riding animal.”

The FIRST thing that makes a person joyful is to have a righteous wife! A religious and faithful spouse is the key to have a happy and joyful marriage. This is because the spouse knows that whatever his or her better half will do will be by the command of Allah and following the Quran and the Holy Prophet. Indeed Allah blesses those couples who follow in His guidance and gives them the gift of joy and happiness in their marital lives.

Allah and the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) have asked us to live in happiness with our spouses so the best ways to have a joyful marriage is to exchange jokes with your partner and make them laugh. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to joke a lot with Hazrat Ayesha and this strengthened their relationship and made them more comfortable and happy with each other.  Another way to make your marriage joyful is to remember the good times of your halal romance; maybe a candle light dinner, or your favourite home cooked meal, or your neatly ironed clothes that your wife left for you, or the watch you were gifted.  These are little things but the joy they bring in marriage are enough to last a lifetime!

Often marriages become turbulent because the husband or the wife unknowingly exchange roles. Allah has clearly defined the roles of the husband and the wife and we must follow them so as to avoid disagreements and diminish the joy in life. We should not only respect our spouses but also their parents as each of the spouses’’ parents are important to them.  Loving them will increase the happiness in your spouse’s heart for YOU and that will bring joy to your married life.

And finally the most perfect way to bring joy in your married life is to remember the goodness that your partner brought to you and your relationship! Remember their good points and forgive their weaknesses and accept that not all of us are perfect, neither are they, and neither are you! The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said; “The good deed abolishes the bad deed”. Remember that the shaitaan is out to make you destroy your marriage. Do not let that happened. Shun the bad and remember the good to lead a joyful married life!

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