Pray together, Stay together

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Pray together, Stay together

A great part of conducting and maintaining a Muslim marriage is togetherness. Allah said in the Quran that he has made man and woman so that they can unite in togetherness and live peacefully and with love their entire lives. What constitutes togetherness in a marriage is therefore very important. It means that not only should the Muslim husband and wife live in the same house under the same roof, but should also be in sync with each other’s life, their decisions and most importantly their worship towards Allah.

Allah has indeed blessed the Muslim couple that prays together. For that is the couple who is not only in sync with each other but also with Allah at the same time. Imagine the blessing that that couple will receive from Allah if they both ask for the well being of their families together, they both have the same goal and there is no shaitaan between them? The blessing will be tremendous! Because Allah has made Marriage a wonderful union and the most loved, so how can He not listen to his servants when they raise their hands towards Him TOGETHER?

There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that when it is time for Fajr prayers and the husband wakes up he should also wake up his wife so that they pray together. If she refuses to wake up the husband should then lovingly sprinkle water on her face. All this only because the Holy Prophet believed that a Muslim couple that prays together stays together!

Another benefit of the Muslim husband and wife praying together is that they will be teaching their children about the importance of prayer. For example, if the Husband is performing salah and the wife is reading the Quran, the child will see the parents and want to imitate both, thus ingrain the value of worship in Islam into him too.  The child will know that this is a spiritual time and will also follow in the parents footsteps to learn and practice it his/her entire life.

The husband and wife may pray together about anything and everything. However one very important prayer that they should remember is that of praying for Jannah and reuniting there again. That constitutes helping to take each other to the straight path, becoming a source of Islamic guidance for each other, loving, respecting and advising each other. This will not only make the bond of marriage stronger but also eventually make Allah happy and lead you to Paradise.

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