Marrying for Deen

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Marrying for Deen

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said in a tradition of his that “Marriage completes half your faith”. Imagine the blessings and the good that can hence be attained by entering into this scared bond of marriage in Islam. 50 % of Islam complete for you, just like that, in a jiffy! That is why in Islam such great importance has been given to marrying for the correct faith and marrying keeping in mind Allah’s religion of Islam.

When a man or a woman is getting married there are a number of things that they seek in their partner. Some want their partner to be beautiful, others want them to be wealthy, and many more want them to have personalities matching their own. However, whereas all these things are important in making the right decision to marry, they are not the MOST important. The most important trait that a person should see in their future spouse is their pull towards Islam, their closeness to their faith and their interest in following it for as long as they live.

A very well known scholar of Islam, Mufti Menk, said about the decision to marry in Islam that “Marry someone who is deeply interested in deen because that is who your children will follow”. This is not just about spending your life with one person for the rest of your lives but creating families of your own who will follow in your footsteps and embrace the religion of Islam, embrace YOUR faith that you have passed onto them, your children. Imagine the amount of blessings your household will be getting then!

There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that a man chooses a wife for himself based on 4 things. He says “A woman is married for four (things); her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. Choose (marry) the religious woman so that your home will be in abundance. (Bukhari)

When the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned about the home being in abundance he meant that the blessings of Allah will be there in abundance. So marry a woman for her religion because that is what she will eventually be teaching her children.

When you marry for deen, your marriage becomes beautiful as it has the hand of Allah upon it and the devil is shunned. There is greater love, greater harmony, peace, understanding and compromise, all the things needed to make a marriage successful. The most important part of marrying for the faith is that the husband and the wife can pray together for the well-being of their families.  Husbands should take the piety and religious attitude of their wives as a blessing towards himself because by living with her he will have gained complete and pure happiness.  In the same way a wife should encourage her husband to enjoin in his faith, respect his decisions that he made with Allah’s guidance and pray for their family’s happiness.  It is only when the husband and the wife are both fearing of Allah will the marriage succeed because there will be no taint of shaitaan of it who would like nothing more than to destroy it.

So Insha Allah marry for Deen and see your marriage prosper!

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