Garments for each other

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Garments for each other

It is said about the husband and wife in the Holy Quran “They are garments for you and you are garments for them”. The literal meaning of garments is clothes and covering. However, in the context of the relationship between the husband and the wife, the garments represent a much deeper connotation.

The word garments implies that the husband and the wife are to love each other and have an intimate relationship between each with includes that of trust of each other as well as protection. Just like there is nothing between the naked body and the clothes, such should be the relationship of the husband and wife; that is there should not be any secrets between them. Just like the garments protect your chastity and self respect and save you from outward harm, in the same way the husband and wife protect each other and save them from any worldly harm. And keep that promise to each other as long as they live.

A garment gives a person respect, grace and beauty. This is exactly like the relationship that is between a husband and a wife; that they show each other and ONLY each other their beauty and get happiness from it. The most important connotation and also the most obvious one is that no one lives without wearing clothes! We all wear clothes. In the same way, we shall all get married and live with our spouses in love and harmony as Allah asked us to in the Quran.

The Holy Prophet also advocated marriage in Islam saying: “When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of his religion, so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.”

The Prophet considered marriage for a Muslim as half of his religion because it protected Muslims from prohibited acts like adultery quarrelling, fornication and many more evils.

Garments also are taken to understand as materials that are always pure. Just like the relationship between the husband and the wife is supposed to be in Islam. This is why Allah commanded us to wear clean and pure clothes “And your clothing, purify it.”

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