Marriage in Islam: The Beauty!

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Marriage in Islam: The Beauty!

“And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in peace and tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are signs for those who reflect” (Quran 30:21).

Such a beautiful verse indeed! Where Allah reminds us how important marriage in Islam is. The beauty of the words, peace, tranquility, love and mercy knows no bounds. When Allah uses them He means a lot of things. He means that in the relationship of marriage in Islam the husband and wife should share a bonding between them. He means that the Husband hold his wife’s hand with love when they are at home. He means that the wife cook for her husband his favourite food when he returns home after a hard day at work. He means that the Husband helps his wife in household chores. Indeed, He also means that both of them spend time with each other as well as in Allah’s presence, praying to Him for the blossoming of their relationship and their family. If this is no beauty of a relationship we don’t know what is.

In every relationship there are bumps and stops and this verse reminds the married couples in Islam to embrace those bumps with patience and tranquility. Allah asks us to show mercy to our spouses. This means that if the marriage is going through a tough time, we should not just give up and give way to anger and harsh words. Rather we should pull onto Allah’s favourite attribute of forgiveness and show mercy to our spouses. THIS is the beauty of the relationship which Allah has given so much blessing to. The beauty that the same person who you love will one day drive you angry and crazy yet you will continue to love that person against all odds. THAT is the beauty of compromise, of adjustments and of forgoing hard feelings for the much stronger ones of love and respect.

That respect which enjoins you to remember your spouse in your duaas. And that love which makes you do nice things for your better half like giving them presents like the Holy Prophet PBUH did for his wives.

They say that true love has a happy ending. They are wrong. True love never ends. It lives with the husband and wife in Jannah where they are reunited. That’s the beauty of marriages in Islam.

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