Not Even Death Will Do Us Part

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Not Even Death Will Do Us Part

“Not even death will do us part.” Such a clichéd phrase to say to your loved one isn’t it? I mean how can death not do two people in love, part? Surely, when one of them dies the one lives without the other or if both the loved ones die together, they both depart together! In either case, death DOES do you part doesn’t it? Not in Islam though. In Islam, if the loved ones are living within the Shariah and making their marriage the most beautiful of all relationships as decreed by Allah, death will never do them part.

Allah tells us again and again in the Quran that this world is fleeting and everything is meant to perish.  Everything will have an end. What will remain is what goes to Allah. So while we may die tomorrow, what we do in this world is deposited into an account with Allah which will remain with Him forever. It is the account through which Allah will finally decide whether we are to get Jannah or Jahannum. Ofcourse, as a believer of Islam we certainly want to go to Jannah, but do we want to go there alone?

That is where the question of “Will death do us part?” really comes in. This means that for a husband and a wife in Islam it is therefore imperative that they practice the faith of Allah together so that when the time comes to die, death in all circumstances will NOT do them part. Why? Because when a husband and a wife live together in patience, love, harmony, are ‘garments of each other’, have forgiveness and compromise for each other, pray for each other, and take each other to the right path, THAT is when death will never do them part, because THAT is when they will make Allah happy and get Allah’s blessings and as a result that is when they will reunite in Jannah, SubhanAllah.

So while the husband and the wife will die, but what they did together in marriage and companionship will count even after they leave the world and that will be the cornerstone in giving them Jannah. What will be taken from Allah will always remain and you will not be alone in Jannah if you fulfill the commandments of Muslim Marriage here. That is a beautiful marriage, the one that takes you both to Jannah and hence even death does not do you part.

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