Your Spouse Is Your Partner

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Your Spouse Is Your Partner

In Islam when a man marries a woman, Allah has decreed them to be partners of each other in the new union. Indeed they are two separate individuals, but after marriage come together to start a new life with each other and that relationship is called a partnership. A partnership means that both parties share with each other everything; their happiness, their sorrows, their daily lives, their time, everything that they have in life. Indeed Allah has said that marriage is the most beautiful of partnerships. Allah has said in the Quran about the lives of a husband and a wife after marriage:

 “Women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity ” (Quran 24:26)

Indeed Allah has made one for the other so that they may live together in a mutually benefiting partnership called marriage. This is why Allah has asked us to remember that in marriage, our spouse is our partner and never on the other side, be it good times or bad. They are the people we trust our lives with. They are our “garments”. When there are happy times in marriage it is for both the husband and the wife. In the same way when there are fights and disagreements in marriage, they are for both the husband and the wife. Not one out of them is the winner or the loser but both are. If the fight resoles, both are the winners and if the fight pursues then both are the losers and “shaitaan” is the winner. The partnership of marriage is as simple as that.

Hence the best conclusion is that marriages would be a lot more successful if spouses understood that they were on the same side. The only thing that is against them both is the ‘shaitaan’ who would like nothing better than to ruin their perfect Islamic bond. So go ahead and create a partnership together against the devil and then ensure you win at every step!

Let your spouse become your partner. Let Allah plant the seeds of love and compassion among you so that you embrace this relationship with openness and love. The only way to do that is to shun the devil at every step

The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (PBUH) said:”There is no better structure founded in Islam other than marriage “. Indeed it is the best!

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