The Beauty of Love in Islamic Marriages

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The Beauty of Love in Islamic Marriages

Marriages in Islam are a beautiful institution, the most loved by Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Marriage in Islam is about 2 people living together in mutual respect, harmony, love and companionship. Marriage in Islam is about accepting your spouse for who they are and living with them in compromise, patience and understanding. THAT is what marriage in Islam is about. Then why have we made it to be exactly the opposite of what Allah has meant for it to be for us. There are so many incidents of disharmony among couples on the basis of disrespect for each, lack of love for each other, complete negligence to the companionship and the worst of the lot, domestic violence.

Islamic marriages should be the basis of love. And that love should be the most beautiful thing in the world. Such is the importance of a couple living together in love that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: ‘The most perfect of the believers in faith are the best of them in moral excellence, and the best of you are the kindest to their wives. (Sunan At-Tirmidhî)” Imagine. The Holy Prophet called those believers the BEST of the lot! The best of the best! How beautiful is this notion?

It is as beautiful as the love shared by a Muslim couple in holy matrimony. That love which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had for his wife Khadijah that he was devastated when she passed away. That love that Hazrat Khadijah had for the Holy Prophet that made her happily spend all her wealth in the name of Islam for her husband, that love that when everyone shunned the Holy Prophet for spreading Islam, SHE stood by his side and supported him. She became the first person to accept Islam. That love is beautiful.

And that love is beautiful that the Holy Prophet showed to Hazrat Ayesha when he joked with her to make her laugh, when he took the glass that Hazrat Ayesha drank from and drank from the same place. And that love that when Hazrat Ayesha served him food and he did not like it he would never tell her lest he may hurt her feelings.

That is what beautiful relationships in matrimony are made of. Our notions of love are only based on romance, soothing dinners and shopping with the husband’s credit cards. What happened to the love that was a symbol of sacrifice, compromise and trust? When the Holy Prophet was fixing his show once Hazrat Ayesha just stared at his shining face lovingly; what happened to that kind of love? By all means, THIS is the love that Islam teaches married couples to display for each other. It’s all there! In the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH ) and the Quran, then why do we not follow the examples? It is time that we go back to history, follow in the footsteps of the greatest man alive (PBUH) and his wives and act on their teachings which they left for us by living them!

It is time for us to live that life and enter the jannah with our life partner InshAllah!

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