What woman should I marry?

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What woman should I marry?

Deciding to get married is an easy decision but when it comes to decide WHO to get married to, it gets tricky. When a Muslim man is ready to get married to a Muslim woman the next step involves finding for himself a bride that matches his ideals and his values. So men start trying to discover a benchmark for the qualities that the Muslim woman must have for him to think of her as worthy of being his bride.

The relationship between a husband and a wife in Islam is one of the strongest relationships. With it come a number of responsibilities and duties from each party. While the man is responsible for the well being of his wife and family with love, the woman has the duty to be respectful. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “No human being is permitted to prostrate to another, but if this were permitted I would have ordered wives to prostrate to their husbands, because of the greatness of the rights they have over them.”

He (PBUH) also said, “If a woman prays her five, fasts her Ramadan, protects her chastity and obeys her husband, she is told to enter paradise from whichever door she wished.”
and that “Any woman who dies and her husband is pleased with her enters paradise.”

Following are a few points that would answer the question of WHO the Muslim man should marry.

  • The first and foremost quality of the woman the Muslim man should marry is her being religious and devoted to Allah and his Prophet (PBUH). It is important for her to have the knowledge of her religion Islam as she is the one who will play a major part in the upbringing of her children and instilling Islamic values in them. She will be following the principles of Islam to make decisions regarding her entire life and the lives of her family. Hence it is essential that she has complete knowledge of Islam.
  • The woman should be dutiful and respectful in general, These qualities will be passed on to her husband when she marries him. She should enjoin that which is right and what her husband likes.
  • She should be a pleasant person and keep her husband happy.
  • She should be helpful to her husband’s goals and support him in every step of achieving them.
  • She should guard her husband’s wealth and not waste it.

If the woman has all these qualities then by all means go ahead and marry her. For she will make your life wonderful and you will live happily in this world as well as the Hereafter. However, remember, there is love, compassion, compromise and patience form both sides. Accept that and you will be fine Insha Allah.

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