Say You’re Sorry!

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Say You’re Sorry!

Allah has created us as humans and sent us to this imperfect world knowing that we will not get perfection here as perfection is only an attribute of the Heaven. So He in His mercy accepts that whilst living in this world we will be making mistakes, doing things that will hurt the people we love and then repeating them. That is why such a beautiful attribute of Forgiveness has also been emphasized on by Allah.

When we talk about hurting the people we love, a very important relationship of marriage is most talked about. So this post is specifically about forgiveness between the husband and the wife. The relationship between a Muslim husband and wife is that which remains for your entire life and is one of the longest of all relationships of living together. So when a man and woman coming from 2 different areas of interests, backgrounds, lifestyles, habits and personalities start living together there are bound to be conflicts and differences in opinions. These differences in opinions can often escalate into fights and unpleasantness in marriages. When that happens, it is only wise to diffuse the tensions and say “ I’m sorry”. Saying you’re sorry not only kills the root of all arguments between the couple but is also an excellent way to defeat the shaitaan (who would like nothing more than to kill your marriage) and a way to gain Allah’s countless blessings.

“I’m sorry” is a phrase with the power to work miracles. We are advised to use it in Islam even if we are not at fault because Allah has asked all Muslim couples to live with compromise and forgiveness. A very famous Islamic scholar said “Admitting your faults and saying “I’m sorry” can solve long outstanding issues. Never let your pride or ego block an apology.”

As humans we have immense pride and are slaves of our egos. But when we’re part of such a sacred relationship as marriage we must put that ego aside and apologize when things get heated. Picture the devil getting extremely angry at the apology you give to your spouse. Doesn’t that give you satisfaction?

Doesn’t it give you peace to know that Allah Himself is the most amazing forgiver? Allah is All-forgiving. We make a million mistakes a day yet Allah forgives us. When we can be forgiven by Allah, then so can you be forgiven by your spouse when you make a mistake. Why don’t you just say “I’m Sorry” and find out?

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